Patients Empowered: Improving Accuracy Through Co-Authorship

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Michael Warner, an Osteopathic physician, board certified in family medicine, turned patients’ rights advocate has a lot say about a patient’s rights to access. Warner is passionate about empowering patients to co-author their medical record. Through his research, Warner has found that giving patients the opportunity to take control of their information greatly increases accuracy, efficiency, and patient satisfaction. In a post-study follow-up survey, most patients reported that they “appreciated being given the chance to co-author” their medical records. For any healthcare organization, this is music. Listen to this episode, Patients Empowered: Improving Accuracy Through Co-Authorship, to learn how to: Collect patient data before their visit to maximize efficiency. Share history, exam, and Medical Decision Making with patients for accuracy. How HIPAA’s privacy rule allows patients to amend their records.

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