165. My story and what I did to recover from burnout

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Today on the show I get real, raw and vulnerable about my story of origin. I never thought I'd tell this story because I didn't think it mattered. However, this week I was interviewed on a podcast and when the host asked me 'how did your childhood shape you?'.

In the beginning, I was dumbfounded, I didn't know what to say.

I thought my story begins with motherhood.

That's when it all began...

Not true.

It all began when I was born (well, actually, much longer before, but I'll spare you the details).

In this episode, I share how growing in a dysfunctional family shaped me and catapulted me into emotional burnout.

I share this story because each one of us has one.

We all have a past and our past shapes who we are today.

The more awareness you have the less blind spots you'll encounter.

When you know WHY you're unhappy, unfulfilled, unsatisfied, sucked-dry it's easier to change your life around and take action on the life that you do want.

In fact, this is exactly why I'm sharing this with you.

You CAN change your life around.

You CAN heal your old patterns of behaviour.

You don't have to repeat what you'd witnessed growing up.

You CAN do much better for you.

This isn't intended to blame, guilt or shame our parents, only to see their humanity and stop putting them on a pedestal of perfection.

They're human.

You're human.

Let's embrace our humanity and thrive in it.

I want to hear from you!

Did you resonate with my story? What touched you? Share with me on Instagram @doritpalvanovcoaching

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