How writing with your non-dominant hand can help you become a better mom? (ep-1680

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Years ago, when I was working through healing some of the emotional crap I hired a coach who taught me something I actually already knew.

Wait, what?

Yes, she taught me to write in my journal as a self-regulating technique to learn to listen to myself better.

You see, I knew about it already. Problem was that I wasn’t practicing it daily.

What’s the point of knowing something without practicing it?

Transformation happens in the action, not in the ideation process.

Simply said, journaling has changed my life.

Through it, I’ve learned to soothe myself, emotionally regulate, listen to myself and connect with my inner wise-mother.

Today’s episode is a new type of journaling and I think it’s super powerful and effective.

About my guest, ST Rappaport

ST Rappaport is a Relationship Photographer, Creative Journal Expressive Arts Coach and host of the LifePix Relationships Podcast. After observing, listening, and connecting with so many couples, ST is on a mission to find out what makes relationships work and how they can become extraordinary and is here to help as many couples as possible.

Highlights from today’s episode

1. ST’s story and how she learned to use the CJA technique

2. What is the Creative Journal Expressive Arts (CJA)? How does it work?

3. How can I use it to express my emotions?

4. How can it help me understand myself better/overcome challenges?

5. How can I work through my baggage & recover my female energy?

Show Notes

Free mini Session:

Lucia Capacchione‘s website

TikTok @lifepixrelationships



ST and I want to hear from you!

What are you taking away from today’s episode? Share below.

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