422: A Guide to Google Ads, with Mike Rhodes

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You have to play by Google's rules to know who will convert and when - how to get an $8 return on your $1. So what is the ultimate guide to Google Ads?

Founder & CEO of WebSavvy.com.au, Mike Rhodes, joins the podcast this week all the way from Melbourne, Australia. WebSavvy is an award-winning agency based in Australia named by Google as one of the Top 18 agencies worldwide. Mike gets into the nuts and bolts of Google Ads, Artificial Intelligence Learning, and Google Shopping. We also take a look at privacy concerns and how it impacts the usefulness of the information.

Mike is the CEO and founder AgencySavvy and WebSavvy, and co-author of the world's best-selling book on Google Ads, ‘The Ultimate Guide to Google Ads.’His award-winning digital marketing agency WebSavvyis based in Melbourne, Australia. Since 2006, Mike and his team have been running campaigns for brands around the globe, and it's one of Australia’s largest independent Googleagencies. Mike’s passion for the future of AI and Machine Learning has seen him invited to speak at over100 events around the world, including Traffic & ConversionSummit, Baby Bathwater, and Digital Summit Moscow. A teacher at heart, Mike is passionate about the AgencySavvy community and helping agency owners to ‘do’ Google Ads better and scale their agency.

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