426: Educating Your Clients, with Jenni White

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Educating your clients makes them feel that you want to improve their experience and encourage them to make better, more informed decisions.

We are excited to bring you marketing guru - Jenni White. She is the CEO & Founder of Polaris Marketing & Consulting; they help businesses enhance their marketing strategies, widen their reach, and increase their revenue. Jenni has an excellent tip on how to save time while educating your clients. She explains why it's important to educate clients on the fundamentals while balancing your precious time. Not everyone wants to be engaged, but if they know more about the products and ROI, it will mean less work for you in the long term. When you take the time and effort to educate your clients, they feel taken care of.

Jenni has been a much sought-after marketing guru from tech start-ups to long-term established businesses. She specializes in building strategic partnerships, business development, marketing strategy implementation, and product development and ideation. In addition to managing the digital services offered by Polaris Marketing & Consulting, Jenni also consults with companies across the United States. She donates her time to multiple charities as well. She is a Dale Carnegie Black Belt, studied undergrad at The Claremont Colleges in Claremont, CA, and is originally from Portland, Oregon.

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