429: 8 Skills Every Top Performer Should Possess | Master Sales Series

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A top performer is labeled as such because they internalize the work in front of them. This is not just a job- this is a very exciting life and duty becomes a wonderful opportunity to provide value. This means confidently stamping their name on the day's work and approaching the next hill ready to sprint.

Our host, George Leith is eager to sneak you some industry insight on common denominators (listed below) throughout every top performer he's come in contact with over the years- and how he has leveraged these skills in his own career. If you're looking to outperform or perhaps are in pursuit of some defining skills to focus on to maintain your current output, you're not going to want to miss this episode of the Conquer Local Podcast.

8 skills every top performer should possess:

1. demonstrate active listening

2. resilience and grit

3. show empathy

4. always prepared

5. self-motivated and competitive

6. strive to establish trust

7. ask the right questions

8. considered the authority

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