433: 39 Ideas When You Don't Know What to Post on Social Media

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This week our host, George Leith, goes over 39 ideas for you to pick and choose from the next time you’re struggling with what to post on social media. Now, this list isn't to be implemented all in one day. However, it's important to understand that this is social media, and content can come from absolutely anywhere. Don't get stuck thinking you must post your offering and only your offering. Social media is a place to connect with your audience. Be authentic, be honest, and most importantly- be confident. Show the world who you are and what you're up to and watch opportunity unravel.

The 39 ideas for when you don't know what to post on social media:

  1. Remind people of who you are, write a post about how you started
  2. Behind the scenes
  3. Personal story or struggle
  4. Share a quote from someone who inspires you
  5. Share your morning routine
  6. Share what inspired you to create your product, service, or brand
  7. Ask a question
  8. Post a poll on a subject
  9. Share a review of your favorite book
  10. Ask for recommendations (apps, tv shows, local restaurants) anything related to your industry
  11. Host a giveaway
  12. Post a how-to tutorial
  13. Build infographics
  14. Weekly recurring post (tip Tuesday, fantastic Friday)
  15. Share learnings from loss or failure
  16. Celebrate a win
  17. Post a testimonial
  18. Share the secret sauce of your offering
  19. Throwback Thursday
  20. Motivational Monday
  21. Thank your followers
  22. Post something seasonal or highlight a holiday
  23. Talk about top pain points and how your solution solves it
  24. Share a client success story
  25. Share a tweet
  26. Let a team member or fellow influencer take over your social for a week
  27. Show someone else using your product or service
  28. Do a shoutout or mention other brands
  29. Shoutout or mention of your clients
  30. Host an interview with a guest
  31. Give people a compelling reason to join your email list
  32. Give your audience a gift
  33. Post about events you are hosting or attending
  34. Post upcoming speaking events or presentations
  35. Share contact information for each channel you are on
  36. Ask your audience how they found you
  37. Share your other social profiles
  38. Answer FAQ
  39. Post new blogs, case studies, and other written content from your website

Tag @ConquerLocal if you end up using any of these ideas, we would love to join in on your conversation and see what you created!

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