434: Outsourced Marketing: Joining Your Client’s Team, with Stephanie Krummenacker

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Outsourced marketing is becoming a common theme as business owners are realizing the necessity that is digital marketing, and how diverse it is. This week's guest takes it a step further and fully divulges into the role of her client's outsourced CMO, internalizing goals and truly operating as if her client's business was her own.

We are happy to welcome a Vendasta Partner, Stephanie Krummenacker of MediaBrush Marketing, on the Conquer Local Podcast with George Leith. It quickly becomes apparent in Stephanie's discussion that MediaBrush Marketing’s doubling growth rate year over year, primarily on organic referrals, is no accident. She truly internalizes the notion of joining her client’s team, acting as an outsourced CMO. In this episode, expect a robust conversation about taking that step and starting your own agency, battling the “salesperson mentality”, what it means to become an in-house marketer for clients and its benefits, and recognizing when we need to “break up” with a client. If you are attempting to scale your business, increase your brand equity, or looking for a nudge to fully commit to your side-hustle, this is your episode.

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