436: Your Tech Stack Increases Valuation by 6-7x, with James Ciuffetelli

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This week an A-List transformational leader joins us, James Ciuffetelli. Our host George Leith and James discuss the importance of adopting new technology and investing in your tech stack backed by real-world examples of great success and undisputed numbers, how the baby boomer generation is approaching an exit in 2021 with their long-established businesses, and how prepping your business for exit is strikingly similar to prepping your house for sale.

Establishing show notes for this week's guest was a pick-and-choose from a long list of incredibly large numbers and tremendous accomplishments. James Ciuffetelli is a transformational leader with 30+ years of experience. He is the Co-Founder and CEO of Whiteark, a consulting firm based in Melbourne, Australia. James was a digital transformation lead for a $1Billion Telco/Marketing Services business, a member of the carve-out of an $800Million turnover business from an ASX Top 50 to Private Equity, and has led teams of 1000+. James also generated >$1.8Billion of cumulative free cash flow for a global shareholder post-acquisition of an SMB Marketing Services business which resulted in value creation of >$1.2b to investors, has 2 Bachelor's Degrees (Industrial Design & International Business) and a Master's in Marketing. The list goes on.

James Ciuffetelli's education and accomplishments are quickly prevalent as you tune in to another fantastic conversation on the Conquer Local Podcast.

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