438: Customer Loyalty; RBC Royal Bank is Light-years Ahead of Free Toasters, with Darby Sieben

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Customer loyalty initiatives are expected. What isn't expected are banks spawning software companies to let you know which day is garbage day. Darby Sieben is currently head of RBC Ampli Inc, an engagement cashback platform that connects consumers with merchants. Ampli.ca is part of the RBC Ventures which is the beyond banking arm of Royal Bank of Canada. Leading a team of 60, Ampli was launched in July 2019 and since then has grown to a national brand and has established itself as an effective platform for merchants to acquire and reward its customers. Listen to George Leith and Darby discuss RBC Royal Bank’s new-age customer loyalty programs including an app that informs you when to roll out the garbage bin, an app that streamlines the incorporation process for business owners, and an app that walks users through the immigration process to Canada. This “beyond banking” is all about solving bigger problems and it's yielding massive results.

**For Canadian listeners only: Download the Ampli App and use promo code DARBY10 for $10 in your account, courtesy of Darby.

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