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EPISODE 43 | Conspiracy U with Scott Shay

Guest: Scott Shay, author of Conspiracy U, In Good Faith & Getting Our Groove Back; President of Chai Mitzvah, Chairman of the Board & Co-founder of Signature Bank

The academic world is supposed to be a place to open and expand minds, but some professors actively promote conspiracy theories about Israel and the Jewish people that do the exact opposite. Scott Shay has written a book about how this is happening on both the right and left sides of the political spectrum, especially at his alma mater, Northwestern University.

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  1. 02:26 - A book I didn't intend to write
  2. 04:39 - Whatsoever things are true
  3. 06:03 - Holocaust denial
  4. 09:46 - Not all professors
  5. 12:09 - Also on the left
  6. 14:37 - Oppressive hyper-whites
  7. 15:37 - A personal holocaust story
  8. 16:54 - "The Holocaust is overblown"
  9. 18:00 - Anti-Zionism is not (necessarily) Anti-Semitism
  10. 20:10 - Jewishness defined racially
  11. 22:15 - Where do we draw the historical line?
  12. 25:42 - Polarization & the demonized other
  13. 31:08 - Canary in the coalmine
  14. 34:32 - God-king pharaohs & super-authority
  15. 38:09 - Final thoughts
  • Music by Fanette Ronjat


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