The Last Woke Jedi (with Stephen Kent)

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On this episode, we chatted with Stephen Kent, who is the host of the Star Wars/political-themed "Beltway Banthas" podcast and the popular YouTube series "Right Now with Stephen Kent" as well as the author of the upcoming book "How The Force Can Fix The World". We discussed his love of Star Wars as well as an article from the Scientific American about how J.E.D.I. is an inappropriate term to use for justice, equity, diversity and inclusion work. We discussed the flawed logic employed by the PhD's who wrote the article, but also came to a similar conclusion in how Star Wars/corporatism is probably not an apt symbol for social justice work. Follow Stephen and his work at the links below:

Link to pre-order his new book:

Scientific American article:

Stephen's rebuttal to the Scientific American article:

Stephen's social media links:

Beltway Banthas podcast:

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