S.1 Ep. 9, Part I/II, Tony FEKETE, Certified Systemic Business Coach B.Sc Edinburgh University, Diploma in Law, London Certified Cross-Cultural Coach

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Certified Systemic Business Coach
B.Sc Edinburgh University, Diploma in Law, London
Certified Cross-Cultural Coach

“I have over 35 years of international experience, primarily in banking and financial services. I have lived in numerous countries in Europe and the Middle East and have been on the board of various multinational subsidiaries. My passion throughout has been understanding the languages and cultures of these countries, and it is this interest that has formed the basis for my specializing in intercultural communication.


Cross-Cultural/Diversity Coaching

More and more people are leaving their home countries to live and work abroad as a result of globalization. Furthermore, managers are having to direct colleagues from different cultures, who either live locally or belong to international teams. This can entail a range of cultural challenges. Guaranteeing diversity and inclusion is a key duty for many companies, and it brings up questions of cultural cooperation between people of differing social and ethnic backgrounds.

These responsibilities and challenges have been very important to me personally throughout my international career.

Personal Coaching/Mentoring

As a coach and mentor, I help managers and private individuals of all ages who are facing challenges or difficult decisions, or who want to find a new direction for themselves. I myself have gained extensive experience from a very wide range of situations, and I have been through my own highs and lows.

Change Management

Covid has amplified pre-existing trends towards digitization. My focus in change management is on supporting management and staff in embracing the new environment and recognizing their own potential.


As a consultant, I have years of experience in successfully managing complex projects in the financial sector.”

Contact: https://fekete-iezzi.com/en/team/tony-fekete

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