Episode #2: Eben Kirksey

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What happens when we pay close attention to critters and nonhumans? Why would an anthropologist make a fridge for a frog? In the second Anthropology@Deakin podcast, Tim Neale (Deakin), David Boarder Giles (Deakin) and guest Emma Kowal (Deakin) discuss the rise of multispecies ethnography, doing anthropology with scientists, bioart and much more with Eben Kirskey (UNSW). Eben is the author of two books — Freedom in Entangled Worlds (Duke, 2012) and Emergent Ecologies (Duke, 2015)— and is currently Senior Lecturer and the Environmental Humanities Convener at UNSW Australia. You can kind out more about his work at http://ebenkirksey.blogspot.com.au Notes: the Anthropology@Deakin podcast is produced by David Boarder Giles and Tim Neale. Music supplied by Bradley Fafejta and Brand New Math.

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