A Classic Episode From Our Podcast: The Top Eight Kitchen Tools And Gadgets

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We've got one more classic episode up before we present our brand-new podcast format.

This is one of our listener favorites: eight kitchen gadgets and tools that we can't live without. There have been thousands of downloads of this episode--and we wanted to re-up it to share it with more of you. We hope you enjoy this classic episode of COOKING WITH BRUCE AND MARK!

Here are the segments of this episode:

[01:30] An instant-read meat thermometer

[03:40] An electronic kitchen scale

[05:51] A knife sharpener

[06:42] A fine-mesh sieve

[08:12] BIG mixing bowls

[10:05] A potato masher

[11:50] Kitchen shears

[13:00] And finally, good kitchen tongs

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