That Time We Were On THE VIEW

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We thought we'd tell you the story of the time we were on THE VIEW--and brought the house down. It was our most fun television appearance because we got to be so outrageous. They egged us on!

And we had to do something! The guest before us was Mr. Downer. He made the audience have a sad. What are two cookbook authors to do?

Here are the segments of this episode:

[01:05] Here's how we ended up on THE VIEW: It started with an appearance on THE TODAY SHOW.

[02:39] And here's what happened in the green room.

[05:25] On camera, we taught the cast how to make peanut butter. And brought the house down.

[07:34] And here's maybe why we never were invited back: Mark grabbed a cocktail out of Barbara Walters' hand.

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