What's The Deal With Tinned Fish, Don't Smash Your Burgers, An Interview With Author Ali Rosen, And More!

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This is the third episode in our updated, revised, expanded, and crazy cooking and food podcast, COOKING WITH BRUCE AND MARK!

Join Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough as we talk about tinned fish, give one-minute cooking tips, an interview with cookbook author Ali Rosen, and a segment on what's making us happy in food this week. Thank you for join us! Here's the rundown of the segments of this episode:

[00:17] What's the deal with tinned fish! There's more to it than those yucky sardines from the supermarket. Here's our take on one of the most overlooked foods in North America.

[07:40] Our One-Minute Cooking Tip: Don’t smash burger patties on the grill.

[09:09] Bruce's interview with Ali Rosen, author of MODERN FREEZER MEALS. Find out more about her at potluckwithali.com.

[24:20] What’s making us happy in food this week

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