Why We Hate Cooking Together

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You'd think that after thirty-five cookbooks published together, as well as other books fixed or ghost-written, as well as countless magazine articles and cooking shows, that we'd be able to be in the kitchen together.

Nope. And never have. We are great as a couple--until you get us together at a stove. We've actually had fights on national TV!

Join us, Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough, as we answer the big question: "What's the deal?"

Sounds romantic, right? Cooking together? Why can't we? Here's the truth:

[00:27] Bruce and Mark never cook together

[01:56] Mark got mad at Bruce on The Today Show

[02:41] Here's the reasons Mark won't cook with Bruce

[06:54] And here's why Bruce won't cook with Mark

[09:47] Bruce's bubbe was a terrible cook

[12:11] And Mark hates being told what to do in the kitchen

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