Why most course creators fail with Jono Petrohilos

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Want to know the first thing that stops most course creators from being successful?
It's that they never actually finish their course...
They start it... but are never happy enough with it to launch it...
So they never finish it... never launch it... never make any money.... and have pretty much just wasted their time... which sucks!
Now Jono, if you're in that situation... this is the podcast for you!

Jono breaks down the exact strategy he’s used to create over 40 online courses in the last couple of years!
PS: Jono is also putting a new course together...
How to create and launch your course... in less then 5 weeks
So if you want to see his system live…
Details below!
How to create and launch your first online course... in less than 5 weeks!
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