Episode 345 - The Shopping Cart Theory

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This week Jesse is obsessed with the new show The Offer, and definitely wants you all to watch it. Also he tells Crendor about a crazy street corner near him where apparently it ALL GOES DOWN. Meanwhile Crendor has his own thing - and it's annoying him greatly! Also we take a trip to Bone Town, lern about old men basketball players, and Florida Man is R2D2's only hope! All this and more on a brand new Cox n' Crendor! Come see us live in Chicago in August! Learn more at coxandcrendor.com Go to http://go.factor75.com/cox120 and use code cox120 to get $120 off. Go to http://meundies.com/crendor to get 15% off your first order and 25% off your first membership item.

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