#115- Screen Time Toxicity for Children // Digital Detox with Molly DeFrank

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This is a perfect podcast episode to start the summer off with! Today's guest is Molly DeFrank, Mom and foster mom to 6 children, and author of Digital Detox: The 2 Week Tech Reset for Kids. Molly has been featured on Fox News, The Doctors (CBS), The Sun, Daily Mail, and Good Morning America! Molly shares with us some incredible information that will help all Mama's out there struggling with behavior problems when it's time for their children to put away the electronics.

What we discuss in this podcast episode:

  • Why Molly started researching the toxicity of screen time (this isn't the first place she started to search to find answers about her children's behavior)

  • What she found doing research (the science of why our children have melt downs after being on a screen)

  • What works for her family now, and can work for you (which is in her new book, The Digital Detox: The Two Week Tech Reset for Kids)

  • What her thoughts are on learning APP's

  • The correlation between screen time/ social media and children's increasingly poor mental health

Get the Digital Detox: The Two Week Tech Reset for Kids book now: http://mollydefrank.com/detox/

Find Molly on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mollydefrank/

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