Amanda Brabec: Unlearn & Reframe Your Relationships With Food, Exercise & Your Body Through Intuition, Mindfulness, Meditation & Movement

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Amanda Brabec is a fitness instructor & personal trainer based in Boston whose mission is to make fitness FUN & approachable for everyone. Almost five years ago, she took a leap of faith, did a local fitness instructor certification & instantly fell in love with the connection & empowerment created in a group fitness setting.
Shortly after, she left her corporate marketing & event planning career to pursue fitness full time. After a few years, she noticed just how fat-phobic & diet-centric the industry still can be, and how damaging those messages can be to clients so she is launching a group body image workshop this January.
She is the host of the Build with Brabec podcast, a cycling instructor at The HandleBar, a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist, and offers virtual workouts on Youtube & her own platform.


On Demand Workouts & Body Image Workshop:

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