Caley Crawford: Broadway, Scaling The Row House Brand, Motherhood & Leaning Into The Three S's

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A Texas native, She began her fitness journey in New York City alongside her acting/singing career in 2011. Fitness was a perfect side gig while she pursued musical theatre and performed on Broadway. Caley Crawford has done everything from personal training, Dance, CrossFit to Rowing! She started with Row House at the original location in Manhattan. She was the Head of Programming & Fitness for the founding studios in Manhattan, then took a full time role in California as the Director of Education when Row House merged with Xponential. Alongside her role at the corporate office, she also coaches for local studios in the Orange County area as well as digital classes!

From the retail floor at lululemon to Hamilton Themed Row Classes, Caley has a passion for innovation and developing client experiences. She is a NASM CPT & AFPA Pre and Post Natal Fitness Specialist, has competed in indoor rowing events and has been featured in Bustle, The Today Show, AM New York, Runners Connect and The Observer just to name a few.
In 2021 she gave birth to her daughter Austin, a month before Xponential’s big move to go public. Currently Row House has 96 studios open but if you are not near a studio you can access Xponential PLUS for digital classes across their various brands.
It is an honor to welcome a woman who only needs the music and the mirror….. to the creating the 4% podcast: Caley Crawford!!
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