Emma Belluomo: Breaking Into Fitness, Building Your Confidence As An Instructor & The Power Of Creating Moments With Music

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Back in 2018 I met Emma Belluomo through my CYCLEBAR training. After taking her class, I immediately realized the power of a fun energetic cycling class.

At the age of 24, after taking a few different fitness classes through class pass, Emma fell in love with group fitness. She slowly transitioned out of her corporate job in Fashion and began teaching Cycling and Barre classes. While working as Fit Pro full time, she was a lead instructor for CYCLEBAR overseeing the training and development of other instructors.

Currently she guides burnt out professionals to gain their fire and confidence back with high energy bodyweight training through her brand ELEVATE BODY. Our listeners can use 4PERCENT for 20% off all in person and virtual classes. If you are in Cali catch Emma at CYCLEBAR Culver City & Santa Monica.

So grateful to have had this fellow Long Island Gal on the podcast this week! Thank you Emma for sharing your insight and this great conversation!

Bonus points if you can identify the one phrase that tells you we are true #longislanders 😆😆

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