Juddy Ferguson: Earning Respect From Coaches, Mental Health & How To Deliver The F45 Experience

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He has been a police officer, an actor, a comedian, a strength & conditioning coach for the professional basketball team in China, but Juddy Ferguson started as a part time trainer. He has traveled the world but eventually fitness brought him back to the blue track in Woodforest TX as an F45 Head Trainer.

Juddy started grabbing the attention of the people of the gram as one of the most beloved coaches in the F45 community, when he created an ABSOLUTE FIRE MEMES page for the F45 community.

As of recent Juddy Ferguson has created and launched a mental health app incorporating Fitness, Happiness & Wellness called Ready Hero One. And on the fitness front, he has now joined the F45 Head Quarters Team as a Fitness Education Specialist. Never underestimate the power of some high quality memes and hard work!
It was such a treat to have Juddy Ferguson on this episode.

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