PEP FOR FITPROS: Preserve, Enhance & Protect Your Voice For Career Longevity

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PEP FOR FITPROS is designed to Preserve, Enhance & Protect Fitness Professional’s voices through best vocal health practices & tools used by performers.

Co-Created by Noel Nocciolo, a boutique fitness consultant & indoor cycling instructor who has led instructor trainings & business leadership events in 16 countries. Her Co-Founder Ashley FitzSimmons-Olsen, MS CCC-SLP is a licensed, certified speech language pathologist who has worked professionally as an actor, singer, dancer & theater & dance instructor.

Together Noel & Ashley are on a mission to help FitPros with career longevity, voice health & voice performance guidance.

Learn more about PEP FOR FITPROS as they advocate for greater awareness and support of vocal health within the fitness industry. Check out their website and follow them on instagram
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