1757: Hyperinflation, John Hyre, Death of SDIRA Retirement Plans Part 2

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It's part 2 of our interview with John Hyre, a tax attorney sounding the alarm on what the law makers are doing to control YOUR retirement funds, covertly slipping in legislation that will affect your SDIRAs, IRAs, ROTHs, 401ks etc.

The Democratic House is looking to gut self-directed retirement accounts (especially IRAs, possibly 401(k)s and Solo 401(k)s), and they are attempting to do it very quietly and very quickly.

You can stand by and do nothing…and pay the price, literally. Or you can fight. To protect your retirement (or the funds that feed your business if you raise money from SDIRAs/401(k)s), you will need to fight promptly and loudly. Procrastinators are useless in this fight. On “how to fight it” visit the sites listed below.

Key Takeaways:

[1:41] The World is a Small Place

[4:30] Florida Housing Market

[6:30] The English Language is a Thief

[8:36] Dead Poets Society

[9:20] The Dollar as a Language

[9:48] Packaged Commodities Investing

[13:25] A Leftist's Inflation Warning Under Biden

[14:40] What is Hyperinflation

[21:07] Creating Wealth Virtual Event

[22:22] Tell Your Story to Legislature

[23:17] Tips for Jason's Investors

[26:13] The J-Lo Benefit

[27:42] C-Corp, S-Corp, LLC, Property Management, Rentals,

[38:50] The Augusta Rule

[42:05] Ken McElroy and the Collective


Geography is less meaningful than it's ever been in human history. Jason Hartman

A government that is broke becomes predatory on it's citizens. Jason Hartman

The government is trying to force you off of Main Street into Wall Street. John Hyre

They're building a Berlin Wall out of paper backed by guns. They don't care if you leave; but your money needs to stay. John Hyre

You don't want the tax tail to wag the economic dog. John Hyre






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