EP #369 How to Raise $147,469 on Kickstarter With TikTok

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Having a pre-launch is necessary for a successful crowdfunding campaign.

With it, you can get people excited about your product and help the campaign get traction and press.

Most crowdfunders build their social media presence on Instagram and Facebook. Then, they get people to a waiting list so they can email them as soon as the campaign has launched.

While these social media channels are great for getting people to your waiting list, there’s one platform that usually gets overlooked: TikTok!

In this episode of Crowdfunding Demystified, you’ll hear Salvador Briggman talk to Aaqib about how he was able to raise $147,469 for his one dimension gaming console, Light Pong. He’ll tell you his entire journey, from creating the idea to launching a successful Kickstarter campaign with more than 1,300 backers.

His team tried to crack the TikTok code by conducting many experiments during the pre-launch, and he shares insider tips about this platform, including:

  • How TikTok’s algorithm works
  • A weird thing about TikTok ads
  • How TikTok can aid crowdfunding

So if you’re building your pre-launch list, then listening to this episode is a must. You’ll get some invaluable insider tips on growing on TikTok.

So grab a pen and paper, and enjoy your listen.

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