Stop #19: The Lipstick Lounge | Nashville, TN

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Stop #19: The Lipstick Lounge. The Lipstick Lounge was established in 2002 in Nashville, TN. These are the stories of the humans that run is and the humans that call it a home.
Jonda Valentine founded The Lipstick Lounge in 2002 because she missed the community and fellowship that the church once provided her. A few months later, Christa Suppan became co-owner, and has helped to foster a sense of family there for 20 years. Krystal, a performer and bartender, is a member of that family. As are Lynn Hearn and BB McQueen, who have been friends since age 16. They met writing and performing sex ed skits as peer educators with Planned Parenthood, and have been performing ever since.
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