147: Culture Matters in International Business

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The Culture Matters in International Business Podcast A new Format for this Podcast Your Hosts: Chris Smit Peter van der Lende "Understanding cultural differences can be the descisive factor in success or failure in International Business" In this short introduction podcast, we explain the new set-up of our podcast: We'll take a look at the impact that cultural differences have on doing International Business. Some topics that you can expect are: Why the US is Sometimes Ahead and Sometimes Behind (Airport Tech.) Direct and Unfiltered Feedback: The Problem (Dutch) North versus South (America, The Predictability Dimension) Trial and Error or Engineering (German versus American) Fair Warning or Caricaturing (The Undutchables)? Do as The Romans Do (but not in Italy – KLM and Alitalia) The Costliest International Failures Let Me Summarize (Please Don’t), North European vs South European The Far East is Not Far if You’re There (something on Asia) Something related to fake news? The rudest people on earth (Dutch, Russian) The most polite … What dominates: Company culture or National culture? How does personality relate to one’s national culture? Can you get “rid” of your national culture (e.g., when you live in another country)? The “superiority notion” when it comes to you and the “other” culture. Unexpected cultural correlations: the use of deodorant, gambling/lottery/scratch cards. How marketing is not culturally neutral (e.g., selling a Volvo station car in the US versus Sweden) Humor in different cultures and what you maybe should not do (e.g., being/going over the top being Dutch) Project management in different countries/cultures. How to manage multi-cultural virtual teams? What about the fifth dimension of Hofstede’s model (and why rename some other dimensions)? Assessments - including cultural preference or cultural competence - value-adding or hocus pocus. Covid-19 (and other non-related health issues) and cultural differences. Why don't you Link with us on LinkedIn? Or Like us on Facebook? Or Follow us on Instagram LinkedIn Peter: https://www.linkedin.com/in/petervanderlende/ LinkedIn Chris: https://www.linkedin.com/in/smitchris/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CultureMattersHQ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/culture.matters_/ Or watch this podcast on our YouTube channel: https://culturematters.com/youtube Culture Matters You Can Also Listen to the Culture Podcast and Management Podcast Build your Cultural Competence, listen to interesting stories, learn about the cultural pitfalls and how to avoid them, get the Global perspective here at the Culture Matters podcast on International Business. We help you understand Cultural Diversity better by interviewing real people with real experiences. Every episode there is an interview with a prominent guest, who will tell his or her story and share international experiences. Helping you develop your cultural competence. Welcome to this culture podcast and management podcast. To Subscribe to this Management Podcast, Click here. The Culture Matters Culture Podcast. Available on iTunes and Stitcher Radio Click here to get the podcast on Spotify Talk to your Amazon Alexa and listen to the Podcast If you have a minute, please leave me an honest rating and review on iTunes by clicking here. It will help the visibility and the ranking of this culture podcast on iTunes immensely! A BIG THANK YOU! Enjoy this FREE culture podcast! Music: Song title - Bensound.com More Ways of Listening: Get a Taste of How Chris Presents, Watch his TEDx Talk Name Email Address Phone Number

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