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How will business change after Corona? What will be the cultural implications? What this podcast will be about: The World Will Never be the Same; or Will it? For some, working from home was already part of their daily work-life. For many, it has been a forced decision due to circumstances or simple corporate-imposed measures. When it comes to working from home, we know a couple of things from different surveys: People are generally happier People work longer hours Colleagues have gotten to know each other better (because of video conferencing while doing the laundry, etc.) Certain bosses from certain cultures have started to have more (not always productive) online meetings, just to keep some sort of an eye on their co-workers (more about that later) There is less pollution due to less home-work travel We’ve discovered (worldwide) that we’re really social beings There are some that believe that more and more will be automated and hence, jobs will be lost In short, we believe that there will be a so-called “new normal” but we’ll get used to that soon enough. Should you want to know more, contact us! "Culture will keep on playing a role; even if there will be a new normal" Links mentioned in this podcast are: https://www.mckinsey.com/featured-insights/future-of-work/the-future-of-work-after-covid-19# If this topic is of interest to you, why don't you follow our free webinar: How to do business with India. You can sign up for this FREE webinar right here. Go here to find out more. The Culture Matters Podcast on International Business & Management Podcast Build your Cultural Competence, listen to interesting stories, learn about the cultural pitfalls and how to avoid them, get the Global perspective here at the Culture Matters podcast on International Business. We help you understand Cultural Diversity better by interviewing real people with real experiences. Every episode there is an interview with a prominent guest, who will tell his or her story and share international experiences. Helping you develop your cultural competence. Welcome to this culture podcast and management podcast. To Subscribe to this Management Podcast, Click here. The Culture Matters Culture Podcast. Available on iTunes and Stitcher Radio Click here to get the podcast on Spotify Talk to your Amazon Alexa and listen to the Podcast If you have a minute, please leave me an honest rating and review on iTunes by clicking here. It will help the visibility and the ranking of this culture podcast on iTunes immensely! A BIG THANK YOU! Enjoy this FREE culture podcast! Music: Song title - Bensound.com More Ways of Listening: Get a Taste of How Chris Presents, Watch his TEDx Talk Name Email Address Phone Number Message 7 + 2 = Send Call Direct: +32476524957 European Office (Brussels) Whatsapp: +32476524957 The Americas (USA; Atlanta, GA; también en Español): +1 678 301 8369 Book Chris Smit as a Speaker If you're looking for an Engaging, Exciting, and Interactive speaker on the subject of Intercultural Management & Awareness you came to the right place. Chris has spoken at hundreds of events to thousands of people on the subject of Cultural Diversity & Cultural Competence. What Others Say About Chris: “Very Interactive and Engaging” “In little time he knew how to get the audience inspired and connected to his story” “His ability to make large groups of participants quickl...

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