Formula E's Spectacular Return - Every major talking point explained

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Matt Kew is back from attending the first two Formula E events to answer the big questions arising from both action-packed races. Friday was dominated by a supreme performance from Nyck der Vries who dominated every session and drove to a commanding win in the first ePRix of the Diriyah double header. On Saturday, Sam Bird would be handed the win after a red flag brought a premature end with 3 minutes left on the clock, which overshadowed a victory he always looked to have under control.
Two major incidents naturally dominated the talking points. Alex Lynn ended his weekend upside down in his Mahindra after a spectacular airborne incident which, somehow, wasn't the scariest moment of the weekend. That honour goes to Edoardo Mortara who accelerated off the track and hit the wall head-on during the Saturday practice session. “To be frank with you I thought that was pretty much the end for me" he said afterwards. On the podcast we explain how a software issue left Mortara with no ability to stop the car, and what the solution was.
In the latest episode of Teammate Wars, DS Techeetah’s Vergne and da Costa wound up in another situation which required a post-race summit to establish the rules of engagement. Again. Matt Kew (Autosport Editorial Assistant) is joined by Alex Kalinauckas (Grand Prix Editor, Autosport).

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