The Routledge Handbook of Ecocultural Identity

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We’re excited to share with you an hour of discussion with The Routledge Handbook of Ecocultural Identity editors and authors Tema Milstein, Jose Castro- Sotomayor and John Carr. In this episode we review the Handbook and explore dominant understandings of who we are and how our ways of identifying have implications on Earth.

Book description: "The Routledge Handbook of Ecocultural Identity brings the ecological turn to sociocultural understandings of self. The editors introduce a broad, insightful assembly of original theory and research on planetary positionalities in flux in the Anthropocene – or what in this Handbook cultural ecologist David Abram presciently renames the Humilocene, a new “epoch of humility.”

The Routledge Handbook of Ecocultural Identity is one of the books that every library should have! If you'd like to enrich your library, 25% discount code when ordering the book from Routledge = ACR02 (expires on 26/06/21)


- Bonnie Perris- Script Editor

- Krisjoe Fuertes- Tech

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