CSCP S03EP19- Amanda Alvarez - Cloud Dev and SecOps the metrics that matters

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Amanda Alvarez is the Senior DevSecOps Engineer at Trace3. Francesco and Amanda met online in a Meetup group called “Let’s Talk Software Security!” Today they discuss building an application security program, managing technical debt, and Amanda’s advice for avoiding burnout as a security professional.

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0:00 Introductions

3:24 State of Industry

4:00 Cloud adoption

6:57 Vulnerability mangement

9:44 AppSec, CloudSec, patch management

12:17 Asset and vulnerability management

19:52 Feedback loop

23:15 Company polities

28:40 Support from leadership

30:30 Positive message

33:30 Get connected

34:40 Outro

Amanda Alvarez

Let’s Talk Software Security!

Cyber Security and Cloud Podcast hosted by Francesco Cipollone

Twitter @FrankSEC42


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