The real reason Adam Sandler walked out of the IHOP

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Ricky Gervais said he wishes his super power could be the ability to be able to break people's legs by just thinking it.
The Rock says John Krasinski, Kevin Hart, Natasha Lyonne, Vanessa Bayer and others will join him in The League of Super Pets
Joe Biden fights off cicadas
The Windsors will become a stage play.
Peacock is making MacGruber for some reason - and now it stays Mickey Rourke, Lauence Fishburne and Sam Elliot, joining Will Forte and Kristin Wiig. Peacock must have some budget!
Pete Lee's special will ai on Showtime.
Then the podcast gets way too serious with Louie Anderson and Howie Mandel stories before an Adam Sandler story lets us leave with a smile on our faces!

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