2.11 | Measuring Fat During the Transition Period

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As the dairy cow transitions from dry to lactating, she experiences numerous changes. This month we learn more about the biological details of fat metabolism. Dr. Contreras, from Michigan State University, guides us through a discussion around the project specifically focusing in on what occurs to the fat, at a cellular level, of a cow challenged by disease – specifically ketosis.

Listen in to better understand the 3 major mechanisms to control fat mobilization in your fresh cow pen. This “benchtop” laboratory work has paved the way to brainstorm supportive solutions.

The article highlighted from the @JournalOfDairyScience is titled: Lipopolysaccharide induces lipolysis and insulin resistance in adipose tissue from dairy cows. Found at: https://www.journalofdairyscience.org/article/S0022-0302(21)00970-X/fulltext

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