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In this one, we continued our catching up of all the new releases we've been blessed with the last couple of months. We also worked in some horror talk and finished with a fun Deathrock set. Dig it! PLAYLIST * = request

Bauhaus -- Endless Summer of the Damned Dunkelwald -- Nada Nuevo Stridulum -- Fear Electroforez -- Evil (Ash Code Remix) October Burns Black -- With You The Wake -- Perfumes and Fripperies They Die -- Single Frame MNRVA -- The Way Type O Negative -- Christian Woman* Jimmy Smack -- Depression Midnight Passage -- Waiting Shrine of Reflection -- Tale of the Thaw Petals and Thorns -- Digital Religion Haunt Me -- Please Stay Shadowhouse -- Bleed Chiffon Magnifique -- Cyanide Redder Moon -- Astral Body 2 Body - NITE Remix Winkie -- Burn the Town Down Chelsea Wolfe & Emma Ruth Rundle -- Anhedonia SRSQ -- Saved for Summer Angels of Liberty -- Son of the Serpent Radio Werewolf -- 1960 Cadillac Hearse Christian Death -- Face Voodoo Church -- Burning Obsession Burning Image -- Haunted 34 Vampires -- 34 Vampires 45 Grave -- Night of the Demons The Rocky Horror Picture Show -- I Can Make You a Man

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