Dok Talks #151 - Analytics with Apache Superset and ClickHouse // Vijay Anand Ramakrishnan

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Vijay Anand Ramakrishnan - Database Administrator, ChistaDATA
Bart Farrell - Head of Community, Data on Kubernetes Community


This talk concerns performing analytical tasks with Apache Superset with ClickHouse as the data backend. ClickHouse is a super fast database for analytical tasks, and Apache Superset is an Apache Software foundation project meant for data visualization and exploration. Performing analytical tasks using this combo is super fast since both the software are designed to be scalable and capable of handling data of petabyte scale.


Vijay Anand is based out of Chennai (India), working as a Database Administrator in ChistaDATA. He has extensive experience in ClickHouse, Python and has contributed as a technical lead in multiple organizations building ClickHouse based solutions. His areas of interest include database design, building software solutions using open source technologies. He is the author of a book on ClickHouse titled "Up and Running with ClickHouse".


Real time analytics, Data exploration and Visualization

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