Our Opinions Uncensored | 21 Questions with Alice Lane Part 2

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Last year in May we had a fun episode where we answered a lot of questions from our listeners, which seemed to gain a lot of interest, so we wanted to do the same thing today. We talk about our dress styles, Jess’s preference being something without a repeating pattern, whereas Sue prefers the pattern, like walking art. We talk about finding our divine callings in interior design and how we got to where we are, and then funny trends we used to adopt that we can’t stand now.
Start of questions: Where do you shop for professional dresses? 1:20
Skin care routine 4:37
Hats 13:51
Favorite space in your home? 15:27
How did you know interior design was your divine calling? 18:38
Any trends you regret? 23:32
Favorite design trend right now 26:45
Design trend or pet peeve you can’t stand 29:04
Celebrity dream client 31:15
Designing our own products and pieces 33:46
Favorite piece we’ve ever designed 35:24
Most anticipated upcoming piece 36:52
“I love that right now that anything goes. Do you know what I mean? If it’s your style, we can make it beautiful and I love that design trend because that’s one of the most, in my head, when people are like, ‘So what’s trending?’ When people ask me that, I’m just like, ‘It’s whatever you love.’” 26:50
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