204: Monterey Park, Baton Rouge, Half Moon Bay, and What We all Should Be Doing Now

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This is not the episode we wanted to record this week - but it’s the one that we NEEDED to record this week. Why? Because just as we’re venturing down the rabbit hole of topics over the next few months that is Civic Engagement and making a difference for 2024, we had blatant scary fearful reminders about why we want you all to know and do more - because people’s lives are at stake.

If you want to know how we feel about the latest mass shootings targeting Asian folks and Black folks, why we don’t give a shit that it was an Asian shooter, how to think about hate crimes, and what the larger issues are and what things are that we can each actually DO - listen in.

What to listen for:

  • Our personal reactions and feelings to the horrible mass shootings over the weekend - because they hit close to home
  • What we can do going forward to see the big picture, which centers our communities
  • Specific issues to act on, including gun control, hate crimes, and domestic violence

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