Episode 104: #LongTimeNoSee Special Mix by @LeeDaSoul (Class In Sessions)

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#LongTimeNoSee Special Mix by @LeeDaSoul (Class In Sessions)
1. Dukesoul - Goodbye (Dukesoul's Late Night Mix)
2. Dvine Brothers Feat. French August - Dreams
3. Enosoul Feat. UnQle Chriz - Hope
4. Gigg Cosco Feat. Pontio - Lerato
5. DJ Terrance - Lengoma
6. Nutownsoul Feat. Shimmy - He Watches Me
7. The Groove Experience Feat. Reney - A Day At The Park
8. Senior Oat Feat. Young Trayz - Ignorance
9. Dolls Combers Feat. Kafele Bandele - A Star Supreme
10. Deepconsoul Feat. Cmpra - The One
11. Nthabiseng & CocoSA - Lonely Days (CocoSA Soulful Mix)
12. Artwork Sounds Feat. MusiQ Monks - In The Morning
13. DJ Couza Feat. Fako - Blue Dress
14. Dvine Brothers & Leskosol Feat. French August & Jay Sax - Broke In Love
15. Chymamusique Feat. Rona Ray - What If
16. Chronical Deep - La, La, La, Song (Molly Mix)
17. Artwork Sounds Feat. SGVO, Oscar Mbo & Soldado - Hope (Dub Mix)
Booking details:
Email: leedasoul1@gmail.com
Contacts: (+266) 5843 0123/6243 0123
Social media details:
Facebook page: Class In Sessions
IG: @lee_dasoul
Twitter: @lee_dasoul
Telegram: @lee_dasoul
God bless you

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