November 2022 Listener Survey - 3 prizes available to win

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G’day it’s Oscar, and I am in the middle of my listening season

The difference between surveying and listening is taking action

Based on your previous feedback, we have made the following changes to the Deep Listening podcast content and format

  1. Created the Deep Listening Ambassador Community of Practice
  2. Created the ultimate guide to listening during a video conference zoom edition
  3. Interviews + short tips and technique episodes including
    1. How to listen when you want to solve
    2. How to listen for actions during meetings
    3. How to listen in planning meetings
    4. Note-taking during the meeting
  4. Created YouTube videos as another way to find, search and access the podcast
  5. Shared Listener's questions and answers during podcast episodes is the always-on listening tool to catch what you think about the podcast

Every episode of the podcast is available on 18 platforms including Amazon Alexa, Spotify, and YouTube which are just 3 of the 18 platforms which are available to listeners in 186 countries and territories globally

Each episode includes a transcript that has been created and reviewed by a human.

As a thank you when you complete the survey, you will go into the draw which will be drawn randomly on November 24, 2022, at 12:00noon Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time.

1st prize - 10 paperback copies of how to listen - discover the hidden key to better communication - the most comprehensive book about listening in the workplace + a complimentary 45-minute webinar for you and 9 of your work colleagues about how to listen in the workplace

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