Kevin Rudd on climate, AUKUS and reconciliation

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Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd joins Mark Kenny on this week’s episode of Democracy Sausage to discuss the country’s climate policy ahead of COP26 and why the Australian government might be underestimating the public when it comes to reconciliation.

How is the Australian prime minister likely to be received at the upcoming United Nations climate conference in Glasgow? What might the AUKUS arrangement mean for Australian national security policy in the decades to come? And might there be more public support for reconciliation efforts than governments think? On this episode of Democracy Sausage, Professor Mark Kenny speaks with former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd about these questions and more.

Kevin Rudd served as Australia’s 26th Prime Minister. He is currently President of the Asia Society Policy Institute in New York.

Mark Kenny is a Professor in the ANU Australian Studies Institute. He came to the university after a high-profile journalistic career including six years as chief political correspondent and national affairs editor for The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, and The Canberra Times.

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This podcast is produced in partnership with The Australian National University.

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