"I'm So Done With 2020"

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Karin catches up with writer and Friend of the Pod Skylar Baker Jordan to talk about Biden's cabinet nominees, including: * the controversial appointment of recently retired 4-star General Lloyd Austin as Defence Secretary, and why this presents a threat to the principle of a civilian-led military * Skylar's enthusiasm for Secretary of State nominee Anthony Blinken, and the respect it pays to the expertise of diplomacy * Karin's enthusiasm for Treasury Secretary Janet Yellin, who has played a leading role in moving financial policy into a more progressive direction. We also talked about the possibility that Pete Buttigieg might be offered a job as Ambassador for China, and the pros and cons of this option. And finally, we discussed the changing political nature of the American South, and whether it still makes sense to think of this area as a cohesive region given the changing demographics there. And, of course, we play the Gut Check Game! --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/democratically/message

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