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This week we welcome Mide Ojo to the Dentology podcast.

Mide is the principal and owner of Refresh Dentalbased in Twickenham, co-founder of the revolutionary smile design service, SmileFast, and founder of the successful Start Up Dental Practice Owners Facebook group.

In this episode Mide tells us more about his exciting journey into practice ownership and the reasons why he decided to start his own practice from a squat rather than buying an existing practice - a viable way to get into practice ownership but one that does require a different approach.

Mide also tells Chris and Andy more about the Start Up in Dentistry Live Event coming up in June that he’s organising that sees the successful Facebook group going from a social platform to an actual live event! Click here to book a place.


- Upbringing and pathway into dentistry

- Squat vs existing practice ownership?

- Challenges faced starting a squat practice?

- Why did you set up the Facebook group?

- Who is the Live Event for and what will the day include?

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