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Our guest this week on Dentology is Ricky Adams. Having graduated from Kings College in 2008, Ricky followed in the steps of his father (also a dentist) and became a practice owner early on in his career with a focus on cosmetic dentistry.

Having now sold his dental practice, Ricky tells us more about his reasons for selling and shares his story on how the practice sales process was for him – something we’re sure many of our listeners will be keen to hear more on as they will no doubt be in the same boat at some point in their careers.



· Tell us about your upbringing

· Did your father (a dentist) influence your career choice?

· The timeline from qualifying to becoming a practice owner

· What was your motivation to be a practice owner?

· What was the driver to sell?

· The sales process from your perspective

· Mind, body and soul is important to you – has this always been the case?

· What’s next?

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