47. Nick Dorman and Ellis Capon from News UK: Bridging old and new media with News UK’s design system, NewsKit

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Nick, Ellis, and Chris discuss how News UK’s design system, NewsKit, united multiple disparate brands in a central source of truth, and how infrastructure management has helped scale design and engineering practices.

Guest: Ellis Capon is a Senior Product Manager at News UK, who looks after the NewsKit design system amongst other products within the NewsKit ecosystem. You can find Ellis on Twitter as @ellis_capon and on LinkedIn.

Guest: Nick Dorman is Head of Design Systems at News UK, a design leader with over 15 years of experience in publishing. You can find Nick on Twitter as @Nickdorman1 and on LinkedIn.

Host: Chris Strahl is co-founder and CEO of Knapsack, host of @TheDSPod, DnD DM, and occasional river guide. You can find Chris on Twitter as @chrisstrahl and on LinkedIn.Sponsor: Knapsack unites your design, code, and content in a central source of truth for your entire product team. Learn more at knapsack.cloud.

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