48. Meghan Rosatelli and Saejin Choi from Capital One: Navigating design system convergence, adoption, and contribution simultaneously

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Meghan Rosatelli and Saejin Choi join Chris to discuss transitioning multiple design systems into one, shifting system consumers’ mindset from working with a local system to working with a global system, and using play to drive excitement and adoption of a design system.
Guest: Meghan Rosatelli is the Director of Design for Capital One’s enterprise design system. She also teaches courses in digital arts at the University of Richmond. You can find Meghan on LinkedIn.
Guest: Saejin is currently the Experience Lead for Capital One's design system. His previous life at Capital One was leading the Digital Payments and Commerce design team. You can find Saejin on LinkedIn, or via his years-long dormant Twitter account @saejinchoi.
Host: Chris Strahl is co-founder and CEO of Knapsack, host of @TheDSPod, DnD DM, and occasional river guide. You can find Chris on Twitter as @chrisstrahl and on LinkedIn.
Sponsor: Knapsack unites your design, code, and content in a central source of truth for your entire product team. Learn more at knapsack.cloud.
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