008: The Radical Responsibility of Following Desire with Courtney Cedeño

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Following unconventional desires can be met with a lot of resistance - from family, friends, and especially ourselves! But our guest this week, Courtney Cedeño - holistic health coach, mom & wife, and mentor for women - is sharing her story of overcoming the barriers around stepping into her truest desires. We discuss her dramatic transformation (in only one year!), the divine experience of meeting her husband, and the radical responsibility of following desire - and what it looks like when you claim yours!

We dive into:

  • Courtney’s life BEFORE this work - boarding school trauma, the shame around becoming a mom at 17, and more!
  • How she justified partying in her younger years and why she got sober (during her honeymoon!)
  • The amazing story of how she met her husband - and why it was such divine timing
  • Her first Desire on Fire event (and why she backed out after 24 hrs!)
  • Following the desire to move her family to Bali and what happened in her life AFTER she started stepping into her truest desires
  • Why she will forever rave about our Pleasure Mastery course!!
  • And more!

Connect with Courtney: https://www.instagram.com/themodernmadre/?hl=en

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