Detroit Lions Did The Lions Celebrate Too Much[Detroit Lions News]

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Welcome to Lunch Time Detroit Lions Talk! Detroit Lions On The Prowl’s main course we talk about the narrative in some of the national media that Sheila Ford Hamp and the Lions embarrassed themselves by over celebrating their first win in nearly a year.
In our Detroit Lions news update, Curt discusses how Hank Fraley and the O-Line is now dealing with depth issue now that the starting backup center Evan Brown is on the COVID-19 Reserve list and may miss Sunday’s game in Denver
In other Detroit Lions news and rumors Coach Jones tells you how Iffy’s injury may have been a blessing in disguise for the young Lions Secondary.
In our final Detroit Lions News update LL looks at how the 2022 NFL Salary Cap expansion will help Bard Holmes & Mike Disner acquire talent next season.

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